The Issues

Grow Bloomington Together

No one should be left behind. For our community to succeed, all members must have access to employment, training, strong schools, and other opportunities. Not only will this help lift families and neighborhoods up, but will also meet local business needs and promote economic growth.

Leave Bloomington Green for Our Children

Environmental sustainability not only keeps our city and planet beautiful and safe for us, but also protects it for future members of Bloomington. Mike seeks to be proactive and preserve natural landscapes as well as improve water quality. He also believes in exploring alternative energy resources for residents and businesses.

Keep Our Community Moving Forward

Supporting our residents, businesses and environment means creating transportation means and infrastructure. A city that has freedom of mobility is inviting to commercial development, housing and can draw investment.

Smart Money Management

We know your family spends a lot of time making the perfect budget, cutting waste and making efficient spending decisions. Why should Bloomington be any different? Mike supports prioritizing costs and responsible budgeting for the city.

Make Our Resources Work For All of Us

Through collaboration with local and regional officials, we can optimize access to health care and social services for everyone, including our most vulnerable neighbors.